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 An Aunt's Plight
copyright westwords 2002

     In 2002, a Ohio court gave residential custody of  my nephew

to his estranged father . This moment was  years in the making

 and is courtesy of the wonderful system of family law in

this country.  This is a man who's only motivation was

to avoid paying child support a man who is the vice

president of sales at Netshape Corporation in Michigan

and can clearly afford to support this child.  Some how a

man from Michigan has convinced a judge in Ohio that a

child living in Florida needed to be in his custody.

     Now I know what you all are thinking there must

be something wrong with the mother. I don't know let's

see.  She has a master's Degree in computer systems

engineering.  She raised her child to have the Lord in

his life.  She doesn't drink or smoke anything.  Has

never done anything illegal. She put her child's needs

before her own. She goes without so she can put her

child in the best schools possible.  Yes she's a

terrible mother.  Which brings me to my point, all the

good she has done will now be undermined by this

vicious upheaval.
 Eight years of drama caused me to write my

congressmen, senators, the American Bar Association,

the Ohio Judicial Committee and countless others about

this case, to propose changes in the way family law

is structured. While these people were polite enough

they offered no help. My proposed changes would not

benefit men or women but would protect children and

the parent that is truly acting like a parent.  

     Throughout this ordeal I have found few true

resources for women in the grips of a custody siege.

Yes it is a siege most women realize this much too

late. Sadly often to men it becomes a game to be won

an enemy to be broken.  They lose sight of the child

that needs his parents.

     Father's Rights groups champion these tactics and

give step by step instruction on how to decimate the

opponent.  Even though that someone was once a person

they loved. Their mission cloaks their ultimate goal,

of protecting their money, behind concern for their

child. They bog down the system with countless

motions and charges knowing that an already

overburdened court will not stop to investigate.

I have added a message board below.  How many of you

have had the same experience? Were any web sites you

 found helpful? Please leave your feedback or relate

your experiences.

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