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A Woman in Need
copyright westwords 2002

       What is it about a woman in need that send people scurrying in all
directions?   Some how when bad things happen to women it is that woman's
 fault that she  has had such tough luck.  Others avoid her like the plague
especially other women. It's not only strangers that shy away from helping a
woman in need, it's  also her  family.   Is it fear that she will ask for help or fear
they can not be helped?
      I believe it's something more systemic than either.  In our society it seems,
a certain amount of decrimination and subjugation of women is acceptable.  
Who does it hurt anyway?  There are women doctors, lawyers, judges, CEO's
etc, yet the women who have the most power or influence tend to have a neutral
 or pro-male point of view.  It's all about their own survival. Some how damage
to a woman is less important than that done to a man.  It seems we are fed this
pabulum from birth. The only hope is that on of our  parents   or otherwise
important adult, don't hold this as a truth.  
        Do I blame men's obvious fear of loss of power and control?  No not
 necessarily, because without the support of women they would not be able to
make such wide spread policies.  For every man there is a woman who's
opinion he values  .  If each of these women spoke up when the men in their
lives make poor decisions regarding women.
       I often wonder about the duality of popular thought concerning women.  
Physical abuse, inequitable treatment in courts and the work place is
acceptable as long as it doesn't happen to their sister, daughter or mother.
Congressman, Senators, judges and lawyers all have mothers.  Their mothers
are someone's daughters and/or sisters.
        For now the movement to keep women at a disadvantage in this society is
  strong but our fates as men and women, as human beings are interwoven.  
What you agree is acceptable to happen to your ex wife or ex girlfriend will
undoubtedly soon occur to you daughter.

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